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Algomyth is a software development company specialized in quantitative modeling

and algorithmic software applications.



Algomyth’s areas of interest include, but are not limited to, time series analysis, data mining, as well as artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies.


Its clients' main business activites, span from eCommerce & Dropshipping Trading, sports-betting data analysis and trading, as well as ML in Digital Marketing. They are particularly interested in using our Development and Consulting Services & Expertise, in order to optimally design, code and implement in-house custom automated algorithmic applications.

Such applications include:


  • data related internal IT procedures, e.g. data extraction/import/export between databases and systems, several file formats conversions

  • data mining, analysis & reporting

  • use of webscrapping technologies (BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Scrapy etc.)

  • fast & cheap Wix e-shop development, warehouses creation/update/expansion using inhouse technologies to help you boost your Wix Online Store's inventory and sale

  • any custom App in Wix Framework

  • custom API development / optimization /consulting / server hosting, specialized but not limited to Python Flask Framework

Our team has great expertise and long lasted experience and are here to help you with any project, anytime.


The Betmechs Project

Betmechs provides single tips, multiples based on highly correlated events, auto-live betting capabilities through your Betfair account, a platform for back-testing strategies, a demo betting engine to test before going live in the market and a range of indexes for alternative betting investments.

e-commerce Automation Tools

Based on the team’s expertise in retail E-commerce, Algomyth is developing a one-stop web-based software platform that dynamically manages inventory, listings, sales and after-sales procedures. There is constant research that targets the highest level of automation of such procedures through a comprehensive user-friendly interface. Current online marketplaces incorporated are Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce while there is scope to on-board many more in order to facilitate a global customer base.

Full Automation of the CN23 form. A Customs Declaration (CN23) is a customs document, used during international trade activities when goods are being transported overseas by the local postal office


Software Development

We provide custom software desing, development  and implementation services for your specific project. Our portfolio of projects has been created using a custom combination of Python Back End Engines, and a really powerful custom framework of Front End design and website making in We proud ourselves of having created a powerful and fast combination of these technologies, able to create your MVP really quickly, while our Machine Learning experts are able to empower your systems, using high-level, state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques.

Tell us your idea, and let's implement it together.


Meet The Team


Konstantinos Dimaresis

Konstantinos Dimaresis holds a MSc. in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BSc. in Banking and Financial Management from University of Piraeus. Konstantinos is heading the Asset Management of ArgusFX in Cyprus and acts as Managing Partner at Algomyth Limited and Quantrivium Limited. He was an Executive Director and Portfolio Manager at an Alternative Investment Fund and has previously worked for several years at the trading desks of Barclays Capital London (FX EXotic Derivatives desk) and EFG Eurobank Athens (FX and Interest Rates Derivatives desk).


Alexandros Belles

Alexandros Belles, holds a BSc of Science in Business Administration from the American College of Greece, a Diploma in Classical Studies from the Leeds College of Music and an Insurance Advisor and Broker Diploma in Greece. He currently acts as Managing Director at Phonograph Music Productions and Management LTD, a company specialising in the e-commerce business while also operating within the recordings, gigs booking and artist management sector. Alexandros also acts as Vice President of the Euromare Insurance Broker that specializes in insurance risk management solutions

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